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 Wedding Vow Packages

Select your Elopement  Wedding Vow Package Below

Commitment  Ceremony

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 If you would like to commit to your partner in a special way.  A Commitment Ceremony is an excellent option.   Call or email for pricing.

Biker Wedding Ceremony

For the Couple who has been riding together a long time!  Call or email for pricing.

The Your Way Ceremony

Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Mock-Ward

No matter your style type, this Wedding Officiant in York, PA will create the perfect wedding vows just for you!  Call or email for pricing.

Basic Wedding Ceremony

This is your straight-forward wedding vow ceremony with all the key elements.  Call or email for pricing.

I  Do Ceremony

I Do Complete.jpg

The most budget friendly ceremony!  This ceremony is about a minute in length, and used mainly for the legal signing of documents.  Call or email for pricing.

Comic Relief Ceremony

All the bells and whistles of our Basic Wedding Ceremony, but with a hint of humor for your laughing experience!  Call or email for pricing.

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Officiate My Wedding
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by Dr. Anna Mock-Ward