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Celebrating 50 Years of LOVE with Ron and Brenda at Wisehaven Event Center - York, PA

Doc Annie LOVES some LOVE, don't you?

This Blog of LOVE is all about Ron and Brenda. These Awesome Lovebirds Celebrated with a 50th Year Wedding Vow Ceremony.

I actually had the Honor of meeting Ron and Brenda back in 2015 when I married their son, Greg and his spouse, Lou!

This Wedding Officiant in York, PA performed Ron and Brenda's 50th Vow Renewal at the Awesome Wisehaven Event Center on Saturday, September 28th, 2019. Instead of just posting Awesome pictures of Ron and Brenda's Special day, Doc Annie wanted to do a Q & A with their son Greg, whom organized this Awesome surprise for his parents. OK, are you READY!!!

1. How long were you planning your parent's vow renewal? "We were initially going to do a smaller party, but my mom expressed interest in a big affair. The final decision was made about 10 weeks prior to the event".

2. What made you decide on the venue? "We needed a venue for 50 people. We did look into venues that we previously used, including where we held our wedding, but everyone was booked as it is an extremely popular time of the year. We reached out to our officiant, who is this amazing woman you might have heard of! (Ah, Doc Annie is Blushing!!!) - You recommended Wisehaven to us. I did not know Wisehaven had a smaller venue in the back, so I never considered them. The venue turned out to be perfect, and the price was reasonable; considering that they did most of the work".

That's correct Greg...Wisehaven Event Center has the Terrace Room - A Great Choice for a smaller crowd, and has a spacious deck; perfect size for your parent's vow renewal Indeed!!!

Wisehaven Event Center is located at 2985 East Prospect Road, York, PA 17402. You can contact their Director of Operations; Vickie Shields at 717-600-1515 or feel free to email her at Doc Annie Loves Vickie - A Very Professional Vendor who will help create your Next Special Day!!!

3. Where did you get your parent's cake from? "We used Providence Divine Cakes, because we previously used their services for our wedding cake in 2015. My parent's cake was heart-shaped with two layers. One layer was chocolate with chocolate mousse, and the other layer was chocolate with strawberry filling".

Doc Annie says you can find Providence Divine Cakes and Pastries by calling at 717-741-0120, and located at 2515 South Queen Street - Old Tailgate Village - York, PA 17402.

4. What made you decide on the photographer you chose? "We attempted to use the same photographer from our wedding, but she was booked. We found Hanna through a wedding photographer I worked with at Crunch. She was off that weekend, but Hanna is her assistant and she was available".

Doc Annie says you can reach Hanna Photography by calling Sabrina Hanna at 717-598-6769. Doc Annie has worked with Hanna Photography before, and the services they provide are AWESOME!!!

5. Who did decorations/set-up; and products you utilized? "The decor was varied. We put up the decor ourselves, including buying the loose flowers and arranging them in mason jars. Some were purchased from Amazon. The brick theme was my idea, and I picked them up at the East York Lowes."

"The picture frames were repurposed and the photos were printed at the East York Walmart".

"We purchased the center piece mason jars online at VivasFlowerShop. They come in your choice of jar colors, 3-4-5 piece sets, Pint or Quart Size, and silk flowers are optional. As a Thank you gift, we gave each guest a mason jar to take home".

6. In one word, describe the Love of your parents. "One word?...Enduring".

Doc Annie agrees, and also would like to add that Ron and Brenda share TRUE LOVE!!! According to, "True Love is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate and fulfilling relationship". I don't know about you folks, but I can Clearly See how in LOVE Ron is with Brenda!!! I always say...Body language does Not lie!!!

OK Folks!!! It is Time to Celebrate 50 Years of Awesome LOVE!!! Ron and Brenda, Doc Annie LOVES you both!!! Enjoy your LOVE....Today, Tomorrow, and FOREVER!!!

Work Cited: "True-love". Your Dictionary. Love to know.

Q&A with Greg Dale.

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