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Sand Ceremony Time with Chrissy and Tommy

This Wedding Officiant in York, PA wants to know...Who here LOVES a Sand Ceremony?!!! Doc Annie Always cracks a smile when a couple will ask about incorporating this element into their Wedding Ceremony. This is exactly what Chrissy and Tommy did for their Awesome Wedding. The Wedding was held Saturday, July 15th, at the Wonderful Little Buffalo State Park in Newport, PA.

Doc Annie made sure to inform Chrissy and Tommy to dedicate a table for the Sand Ceremony portion of their Wedding. Again, the table can be completed upon your own likes and taste. You will also want to set up your table to my left(your right), away from the Arch set and the Groom's party. Below you can see this set-up example...

Now that Chrissy and Tommy were armed with Awesome advice from Doc Annie, they started to construct their Awesome Sand Ceremony table...Chrissy and Tommy's Awesome Groomsman, Matt,

graciously accepted the task to build us an Awesome table!!! Matt utilized a skid/pallet to create the excellent table, and then completed by staining it. Matt...You ROCK!!!

OK, now onto the products that Chrissy incorporated for her Sand Ceremony...

I like to call this the Heart Shaped Vessel of Love!

This Unity Sand Vase was purchased at Micheal's in Carlisle, Pa, along with the four glass containers to hold the sand. The Monogrammed "T" flag was purchased at AC Moore on Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA. The sand was purchased online via Amazon, and here is the direct link:

Remember Folks...Your Wedding is All About You!!! You can design the elements within your ceremony to your own likes/tastes. This is exactly what Chrissy and Tommy did for their Awesome Wedding...

There ya have it Folks!!! Another Awesome Wedding, Awesome Sand Ceremony, and the Awesome Chrissy and Tommy, Family and Friends...Doc Annie Loves you All!!!

See ya All Real Soon...

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