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Wisdom Heart Ministry:Goal Setting Brainstorming Sheet

Creating successful goals requires time and thought before you even begin to act on them. Use this brainstorming worksheet to help you along the path.

This is what I want in every key area of my life. _________________________________________________________________________ This is a health, personal, financial or spiritual goal. ________________________________ I have visualized what I really want. This is what it looks like. _________________________________________________________________________ The reason I chose this is because I am passionate about this aspect of it. _________________________________________________________________________ Is it something I can commit to over the long haul? _______________ Does the goal focus on one thing? _____________ Is it something that fuels my ambition? _____________ Does it go along with how I see myself? _____________ Does this goal give me clarity on my life? _____________

What to do to keep from failing: How have I made this goal precise and exact? Is it vague? __________________________________________________________________________ What bad habits or ways of thinking do I need to change to achieve this goal? __________________________________________________________________________ Can I make this goal a priority in my life? What do I need to change to make it happen? __________________________________________________________________________ Do I have people who will encourage me and won’t sabotage my goals? __________________________________________________________________________ How can I stay positive and work through my fears to reach this goal? __________________________________________________________________________ What abilities do I currently have to help me achieve this goal? What abilities will I need to learn? Do I have the self-confidence to learn them? __________________________________________________________________________ Is this the only goal I am working on? Am I focused enough to work on it? What can I do away with to help me stay more focused on this goal? What is taking too much of my attention away from this goal? __________________________________________________________________________ What type of plan have I created to reach this goal? Is it doable? Are the steps small enough but push me enough out of my comfort zone to keep me moving forward? __________________________________________________________________________

Successfully setting goals Do you believe in your goals? Is it something you have confidence you can achieve? ________________________________________________________________________

Take time to visualize yourself achieving your goal. Create a visual image by drawing or cutting out images of what the finished goal looks like to you. ________________________________________________________________________

• What does it feel like _________________________________________________ • Smell like __________________________________________________________ • Taste like __________________________________________________________

Are my goals documented in a notebook, computer or smartphone? Are they easily accessible? _________________________________________________________________________ Can I break it down into smaller steps? How? Can I see the steps I need to take? _________________________________________________________________________

What kind of commitment have I made for my goal? Do I need to take steps every day towards it? Are the steps small enough to achieve quickly without getting discouraged? _________________________________________________________________________

Have you created “SMART” goals? Do they fit into each acronym?

• Specific ________________________________________________________ • Measurable_____________________________________________________ • Actionable ______________________________________________________ • Realistic _______________________________________________________ • Time-set date to achieve ___________________________________________

Do I review my goal on a regular basis to keep on track and to determine what my next step is? Am I on track? _______________________________________________________________

What adjustments do I need to make? ____________________________________________________________________________

Follow Through to the End What do I need to do to follow through to the end? ________________________________________________________________________ Have I differentiated between short and long-term goals? ________________________________________________________________________ • 1 month goals ______________________________________________ • 6 months __________________________________________________ • 1 year _____________________________________________________ • 5 years ____________________________________________________

Who have I chosen as an accountability partner to keep me on track? ________________________________________________________________________ Do I need more than one person? ________________________________________________________________________ How often do I need to revisit the visual image of the completed goal to keep me motivated? _________________________________________________________________________ Do I need to adjust the steps to achieve this goal to help me follow through? How can I do this? _________________________________________________________________________ What actions can I do to see how much I have completed towards this task? _________________________________________________________________________ • Tick of a list? ________________________________________________________ • Celebrate certain milestones? ___________________________________________ • Review how far I’ve progressed? _________________________________________ What do I need to do every day to work towards my goal? _________________________________________________________________________ • Special tools? ________________________________________________________ • Education? __________________________________________________________ • Consistency? ________________________________________________________ • New habits? _________________________________________________________ How can I forgive myself when I fall off track? __________________________________________________________________________ Check my emotions and remind myself to stay positive __________________________________________________________________________ Take a break to refresh my mind __________________________________________________________________________ Keep a notepad handy to jot down distracting thoughts ________________________________________________________________________ Reschedule missed appointments, classes or whatever needs to be redone ________________________________________________________________________

Other ideas to help me follow through

General Notes

Let Doc Annie know if you have any questions, and how you are coming along with your Goal sheet.

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