• Dr. Anna Mock-Ward

How to Tell Your Wedding Officiant is into You...

This Wedding Officiant in York PA just Loves some Love...Don't You? When you are choosing your Wedding Officiant, make sure that you both connect... My Awesome Couples Always can see the Love I have for them...

The first sign of a True, Down to Earth Officiant, is to view his or her eyes... Does the picture you are viewing show a true interest...In Life, Love? Does the picture show a sense of the person's inner personality? From my picture here you can gather many thoughts of my Awesomeness for You!!!

Does your Prospective Officiant take the time to mingle with members of your Wedding party? I feel it is not only a necessity to mingle with my Bride and Groom, but to make myself available to All... What are your thoughts?

Now... Another Awesome point to Tell if Your Wedding Officiant is Into You...Look at the pictures of his or her Awesome Wedding Couples!!! Below are just a few of my Awesome Couples, and you can Truly see the Love in my eyes for them All!!!

So...The next time you are searching for your Awesome Wedding Officiant...Make sure that your Officiant is into you!!! Many Blessings, Doc Annie

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