• Dr. Anna Mock-Ward

The "I Do" of Wedding Elopements

This Wedding Officiant in York, PA wants to know your thoughts on a Wedding Elopement. Depending on your demographics, funds available, and timing are just a few obstacles to think about for your Awesome Wedding Day... and your partner have had a chance to sit down and review your budget for upcoming wedding... Atlas, you have come to the conclusion, that you are on a tight budget, and have limited funds, but want to make your day as special as you can. What do you do now?... As a Wedding Officiant in York, PA, I do have the solution you are searching for... We can schedule your Awesome Wedding Day via Elopement style! This style is most convenient, budget friendly, and with the right officiant...Can be an Awesome experience... The first step is determining a date in which you want to have elopement performed...I always suggest picking several dates, because you will want to make sure your officiant is available for your Wedding Day. Now that your date and officiant have been secured...Where do you want your elopement to take place? As your Wedding Officiant, we do have several options, and will keep in mind your budget as well.

Give me a CALL TODAY...To discuss your Wedding Elopement needs... 717-417-6510

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