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Hands of Love

I Do Indeed

Officially Married

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Family Members Ready for I Do

Officially Married

Rocky and Audrey

Thumbs Up Day

Awesome Family Members

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Doc Annie and Zarmeen

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Hands of LOVE

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Almost Time to Say I Do

Almost Time to Say I Do

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True Love

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A Love kind of Day

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Doc Annie and Jack

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For mama Karen Mabe

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Doc Annie and Piper Fred Bailor

Brad and Loretta

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Awesome Wedding

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A Thumbs Up Indeed

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Awesome Vickie at Wisehaven Event Center

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Awesome Amy

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Almost Wedding Time!!!

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Heritage Hills Golf Resort & Conference


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Officiate My Wedding

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Sara and Dale

Officiant in York Pa

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Great Spot for I Do

Long Level Marina

Families United

Happy Day

Getting Married

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Wedding Venue Set-Up

Ken are you Ready for Moses, Patty and D

Now Married

Awesome Vendors FnP Productions

Awesome Set Up at Wisehaven Event Center

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2 became 1

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LOVE on any World

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Double-Take of Beauty

Doc Annie On-Site

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Blessing the Rings

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DJ Austin from M&M Productions

The Willis House for Cocktail Hour

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Wedding Love

Heidi David and Doc Annie

Doc Annie and Tariq

Time to say I Do

On-site for Awesome Wedding

Lauxmont Farm Visit

Joe and his Groomsmen

Awesome Celebration

Awesome Vendors for Joe and Jen

Awesome Cupcake Flavors

Doc Annie and Joe

A Big Congrats

Jen's Bridal Party

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I Love Love

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Kiss of Love part 2

Valerie and John

One True Love

Wedding Day for Nate and Jen

Wedding Prayer Blessing Time

The Pond spot for Jen and Nate's Wedding

Nate your Bride will be here shortly

Beautiful Bride...Jen

Sunflower Fields

1 Week Married Bliss

Doc Annie visit to Honeysuckle Ridge

Getting Ready

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X Marks the Spot

Kelsey and Josh

Awesome Arch

Bobbie and Peter

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Two become One

Wonderland Fun

Mimi and Dad

Wedding Party

Maid of Honor

Almost Wedding Time

Family Members

Family and Friends

Band of Love

Ian the Groom

Just Married

Wedding Prayer

Feelings of Love

Officially Married

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Parents Bring Forward Daughter

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Laughter and Smiles

All About the Rings

The Kiss

Officially Married

Put a Ring on It

Love is in the air

Jose and Ashley

Happy Ending

Almost Legal

Groom awaits Bride

In Honor of One in Heaven

Ashley's Hair-Do

Rich and April

Bridge of Eternal Love

Wedding Prayer Time

Jeremy and Hollie's Cake-Cupcake Station

Wedding Reception Area

Officially Husband and Wife

Family and Friends Await Hollie and Jeremy

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Doc Annie and DJ Eric

Awesome Fun

Big Day is Tomorrow

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The Kiss of LOVE

Joining 2 Hearts as One

Thumbs Up for Awesome Day

Ariel and Russell

Almost Time to Say I Do

A Big Congrats

Ring Exchange

Wedding Group #2 pic


Wedding Group #1

A Day of Joy

Mike and his gang

I Love a Wedding Themed Wedding Indeed

Clue#3 for Wedding Theme

Patricia getting ready

Clue #2 for Theme of Wedding

Your Wedding Begins

Happy New Year's Eve

Eternal Love fills my Soul

Steve and Evie (2)

Love Cake Station

Time for a Wedding

Toast of Love

A Big Congrats

Evie is Ready for Steve

New Memories being Made

Heather and Gary Wedding October 29th 2017

Sealed with a Kiss

You are Now Married

Majestic Bride


The Awesome Photographer Kevin Turner

Time to say I Do

You Are Now Married

Time to say I Do

Almost Time to Say I Do

Non-Traditional Guest Book

The terrace Room Experience

Andrea's Decent Awaits

Just Married

Good Times

Wisehaven Event Center Set Up

Carla and Phil Love

Awesome Day for a Wedding, Prayer and Blessings

Just Married

Awesome Decorations

You are Now Married

Mark and Melinda's Wedding Cake

More Awesomeness for Mark and Melinda

Awesome Day

Ballroom View at Wisehaven Event Center

Just Married

FnP Productions and Doc Annie

Destiny's Flowers

Wyndham Garden York and Klock Entertainment

Vows of Love



Lorie's Awesome Makeup

Awesome Favors

Congrats to Mike and Lorie

Bridal Party Members

Lorie almost ready

Lorie and Mike's Florist

Doc Annie and Ted

Jacob says I Do

Chrissy and Tommy Wedding

Chrissy and Tommy Wedding July 15th 2017

Bubbles are Fun at a Wedding

Doc Annie and Best Man Josh

Guests Rolling In...

Bridal Party

Jennifer and DJ Wedding

Jennifer and DJ wedding pic6

Jennifer and DJ wedding pic5

Jennifer and DJ Wedding pic2

Jennifer and DJ wedding pic4

Jennifer and DJ Wedding pic3

Jennifer and DJ

Jennifer and DJ pic2

Ashley and Jeremy Wedding

Ashley and Jeremy Wedding

Ashley and Jeremy Wedding - July 1st, 2017






SAM_4674 (2)


Ring Bearer


Wedding Officiant in York Pa

Happy Officiant


Cory and Jessica Wedding

Doc Annie

Brian and Wanda Day

Wanda and Brian Day 2

Wanda getting married tomorrow

Wanda drops off marriage license



Congrats Melanie and David

Melanie almost ready

David awaits Melanie

gary wilkinson photographer pic5

gary wilkinson photographer pic6

gary wilkinson photographer pic2

Amber and Casey Wedding September 23rd, 2016

Brittany and Tyler Wedding Sept 24th 2016

SAM_3137 (2)

Samantha and Matt Wedding - September 3rd, 2016




Becci and Rich Wedding - September 4th, 2016


Courtney and Bill Wedding

Courtney and Bill Wedding August 26th, 2016


Dr. Anna Mock-Ward at your service!

wedding officiant in york pa

Corrie and Josh Wedding

Corrie and Josh Wedding Day - August 20th, 2016

SAM_2716 (2)

Karie and Sarah Wedding August 7th 2016


Wedding Officiant in York PA

Bri and Grainne Wedding August 6th 2016

Strock's Catering Barn



wedding officiant in york pa

Mary and Michael June 19th 2016

Tom and Jiaqi Wedding June 12th 2016

Wedding June 12th 2016

Cool Creek Golf Club Wedding Venue

Cool Creek Golf Club Wedding

Katie and Josh Wedding June 11th 2016

Wedding June 11th 2016

Katie and Andy Wedding June 10th 2016

Wedding June 10th 2016

Jessica and Jonathan Wedding June 11th 2016

Wedding June 11th 2016

Lakeview Farms Wedding

Wedding Officiant in York Pa

Camo Dress Design worn by my Bride Michele

024 (2)

carole and dan

Sugar Love for Carole and Dan.

Dress on the Wall

Wedding Cake

Hanging Dress


wedding officiant in york pa

Kim and Steve Wedding

wedding officiant in pa

Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Moc

AAOWO Member of Region 6

I am a Proud Member of American Association of Wedding Officiants

Victoria and Shane Moore Wedding

Victoria and Shane Moore Wedding

Officiate My Wedding

wedding officiant in pa

Don't forget to bring your marriage license for your wedding day!!!

page ritchie wedding

Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Moc

john and luis wedding 10.12.2014

Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Moc

wedding officiant in pa

Ace Entertainment and Dr. Anna

OMW: The Ceremony Room

OMW: The Ceremony Room

kristy manner chandler wedding

kristy manner chandler wedding

kristy manner chandler wedding

Couple in Love

10.31.2014 wedding vow I Do Ceremony 002.JPG

Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Moc

wedding vow ceremony process 3.jpg

danielle and joshua.jpg

Danielle and Joshua Wedding

Wedding Officiant, Dr. Anna Mock-Ward with mother of the bride

Danielle's Bridal Party

This wedding officiant in pa LOVES the color coordination with dresses and flowers!

wedding officiant

Samantha and Kyle's Wedding

Vintage Wedding

Samantha and Kyle Wedding

June 5 2015 wedding ceremony at The Inn at Leola Village

Valerie and Dino Wedding

Wedding Officiant and another Happy Couple

wedding officiant in pa

This wedding officiant in pa was proud to announce Valerie and Dino as Married on July 11th 2015

Jamie and Kim Wedding

Dr. Anna Mock-Ward, Wedding Officiant in PA - Book Today

wedding officiant in pa

This wedding officiant in pa just married Sarah and Ricky on Sept 5th 2015.

wedding officiant in pa

This wedding officiant in pa just married Jason and Beth on Sept 6th 2015


Kyle and Priscilla Wedding

Wedding took place at White Chimneys in Gap, PA. Wedding on Sept 19th 2015

Greg and Lou Wedding

This wedding officiant performed this Awesome Wedding on October 3rd 2015 at Courtyard by Marriott. Although the weather was not as we expected, we did not allow this to ruin this special day!

wedding officiant in pa

wedding officiant in pa

Wedding Day for Jamie and Larry October 17th 2015

wedding officiant in pa

Time for a Baptism?

Wedding Venue Emily's Pub

This wedding officiant in pa had the honor of saying I Do's for Felicia and Kevin on November 1, 2015

final sketch via ryan la pic 2

Pencil artwork by Artist Ryan La

wedding officiant in pa

wedding officiant in pa

wedding officiant in pa

Jeff and Charmane

via email

Dr. Anna Mock Ward was very patient, showed a sincere sign of respect and compassion.  For us it was hard to find someone that could marry us in a short period of time without a lot of hassle. If anyone out there wants to begin there life together as one give Dr. Anna Mock Ward a call you won't be disappointed. Dr Anna Mock thank you again. Sincerely Jeff & Charmane Potts.

Tyler and Brittany Wedding - September 24th, 2016

via mailed Thank You Card

Anna and Barry,

Hey guys! Tyler and I wanted to thank you for being such an important part of our wedding day and for officiating our wedding. You both were a pleasure to work with, thank you so much!

Love, Ty and Britt

Matt and Samantha Kelly - Wedding of September 3rd, 2016

via Thumbtack Review

 We had to find dr Anna on late notice, and she was awesome, made everything easy and informative. We had other guests saying they loved her work. Thanks again!

Carole Hicks

via Facebook

Doc Annie was recommended to me by a friend. We met her at her house and she was simply amazing. She listened to what we wanted and is giving us an unbelievable ceremony. We wanted some comedy and she helped us create that along with the tradional ceremony. She gave us a ton of information like rehearsal guidelines, changing my name, and what we need for the marriage license. She has been extremely helpful through the whole process. We are so excited to have her be a big part of our special day and new beginning. I couldn't have asked for a better officiant. She is always so pleasant and eager to give advice. We give her 5 stars for sure.

Tom and Michelle Spaeder

via Facebook

Thank you again for making our day a fun memorable day! Was a perfect day!!

Katie Lauer-Beck

via Facebook

One of the nicest, truest humans I have met to date! Highly recommend her for any wedding ceremony. Accommodated our requests to an absolute beautiful ceremony and awesome day!

Gary Sattman

via Facebook

Dr. Anna is great! She is very professional, personable, and thorough. She officiated my son's wedding with very little notice and I cannot thank her enough for that.

Lauryn and Rick Brown

via Facebook

Dr. Anna is amazing, hands down. She is so accommodating to your beliefs and will do whatever it takes to make sure your wedding day is special. She is so welcoming and made us feel right at home the first time we met her. We love her and will recommend her to anyone!

Mary Kay Byndas

via Facebook

I'm so glad to have found Dr. Anna! We couldn't have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding! She put in extra effort to make our day perfect! Thank you so much! We will be contacting again for our review ceremony in a year!

Nelson and Christina Leiphart

via Facebook

6⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Such a great person. So much fun. The comic relief was the best. Awesome time and experience all around. Thank you so much. Nelson and Christina Leiphart.

Jessica and Jonathan Wedding June 11th 2016

via Facebook

I could not have asked for a more perfect person to officiate my special day. Doc Annie is amazing and we are so thankful to have found her !

Kaite and Andy Wedding June 10th 2016

via Facebook

Wanted to say thank-you again to Dr. Anna and her amazing photographer for helping to make our day special and official! ...Please don't fire the photographer!!

Our inside joke for Barry my husband taking pics! - comment added via Dr. Anna

Jason and Beth Lancaster

Via Facebook

Beth and I want to thank you for everything you did to help us have a great wedding day. The ceremony was awesome and we would definitely recommend you to family and friends.

Greg and Lou

Via Facebook

I wanted to share my gratitude for Anna's services and her professionalism throughout the whole planning process for Greg and I's ceremony :) From the first time we communicated with her, and after our the wedding day, Anna has been great! She made us feel comfortable and confident that our ceremony would be the best. Her words during the ceremony were very touching. We would recommend Anna to anyone. Thanks Anna for all our hard work to make our day that much more special! :)

Kim Korn

Via Facebook

Dr. Anna...Steve and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. You are the best! We wanted simple but intimate and you did just that by making us feel welcome and special no matter how large or small our ceremony! Gavin felt equally as welcome...he is the best son in the world. Thanks again Dr. Anna...there's no one better!!!

Jen Curran Smith

Via Facebook

We can not thank you enough for performing our ceremony. You are so warm and welcoming to everyone you meet, you truly are fantastic! I would recommend anyone to contact you for weddings! Once we found you, we knew we were in great hands and you did not disappoint! Thank you so much! Xoox

Mick and Dom Sanchez

Via Facebook

My wedding was very last minute. Dr. Anna was amazing from the start. Always there to talk me through everything and to make sure that I had everything I needed on my special day. I couldn't have asked for a better officiant. She made me feel like she was my best friend and someone that will always be there for me if I asked her to be. She made us feel so welcome. I would recommend everyone to go to her if they are getting married. She's absolutely the best!!

Rachel and Brad

Via Facebook

Hi Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Mock-Ward, just letting you know that Brad and I truly enjoyed our wedding ceremony in your home!!! I promise to send you some of my friends for when they are ready to get married. I also completed my review via wedding.com, and hope you enjoy the rest of your year. Again, thank you for working with us on our tight budget.

Diana Ernst Wedding Coordinator at Ski Roundtop

Personal Thank You Email

Hi Anna, It was very nice meeting you also. I will add you to my preferred vendors list here at Roundtop! We are always looking for ceremony officiants so that will be a tremendous help to have you listed as well. Yes you certainly can include me in your blog. That would be great! Let me know if there is anything else you need from me. Best Wishes, Diana Ernst Special Events Coordinator Altland House Catering and Events Roundtop Mountain Resort 717-965-6326 www.weddingsbyah.com www.altlandhouse.com

Diana with Altland House Catering and Events   

Sarah Grove

Review via Facebook, Wedding.com and Wedfolio

I highly recommend Anna Mock-Ward she did a great job and everyone loved our ceremony. Everything went very smoothly and she was very friendly and easy going. Thanks again.

Kimberly & Jamie Carmen

Via Personal Thank You

Hello Dr. Anna and hope all is well! Jamie and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your services and how you truly made our day even more special then we could have imagined! From the moment we started corresponding, up until the very day you helped make us husband and wife, you were so welcoming, so friendly, so informative and you felt more like family rather than someone we had only just met! Our ceremony was beautiful & perfect and a great deal of that is because of YOU! Thank you again for everything! xoxo Kim & Jamie Carmen

Valerie and Dino

Review via Facebook

I want to send a huge huge Thank you to the Greatest Wedding officiant out there... You are truly the Greatest at what you Do .. Our ceremony was dead on and it was so what Dino Jr Einsig and I asked for .. You made it so easy and less stressful for us both. .I love ya and Barry also Thank you so much ... Hope your up to Do our vowel reunional when we decide to Do it ... I will be referring You to everyone and anyone. .. Lots of Love <3 Thank you again for making Our day special and meaningful. <3

Susan Hines and James Barker

Via Personal Thank You

Doctor Anna Ward is gonna perform our wedding soon. Thank you for meeting us early this morning to work with our schedules. I just love your dog, and such a cute ceremony room as well!

Margie and John

Via Personal Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks Dr. Anna for our elopement today!!! We really appreciate that you could fit us into your already busy schedule for today.

Matt and Joni Anderson

Via Personal Email

Elopement performed by Dr. Anna in her home. Thank you Dr. Anna for your kind words, and making us feel special!

Danielle and Joshua

Via Facebook, Wedding .com and Wedfolio

Anna was the best. She was professional and out going. We couldn't have chosen anyone better to marry us. She is truly a blessing. If you want someone happy, fun, out going, honest, and respectable then Anna is your girl. 10 stars for miss Anna Mock-Ward. I don't think our wedding would have went smooth with out her.

Sherri Foreman

Via Mailed Thank You Card and Gift

Dr Anna, thank you for performing our ceremony!

Nicki Kobylinski

Via Facebook

Anna Mock-Ward is by far the best ever. We couldn't have picked a better person to unite Joshua and I. We are truely blesses to have found a wonderful person for our big day. Truely a life saver.

Premier Table Linens

Via Facebook

I love how you have a passion for what you do. 

Michelle Boyd

Via Facebook

Love your page! Hi from BT

Karen Brouretz

Via Wedfolio and Wedding.com

Thank you so much for letting us have our ceremony in your home! I know you said only 3 guests, but you made exceptions, and we all had a blast with you!!! I will definitely send you pictures from our honeymoon!

Doreen and Frank Meyers

Via Wedfolio

We just did Dr. Anna's Basic Ceremony in her home. Loved the set-up, and the chair decorations were great for our 2 friends! Again, thanks for helping us on such short notice, and will let you know how the honeymoon trip went.

Candice Cunningham

Via Wedding.com

Hi Dr. Anna Ward, and hope all is well. Just letting you know I did complete review for you via wedding.com. Just letting you know how happy you have made me and Robert!!! Again, thanks for all your hard work, and I will be sending you some referrals.

Jennifer and John D.

Via Wedfolio

Hi Doc Ward, just letting you know how much we appreciated you performing our elopement ceremony. Such short notice, but you came through with flying colors!!! Again, we appreciate you.

Victoria Moore

Via Facebook

I think you should come down and do some weddings in Fl...like at the beach...that's by me lol

John and Luis

Via Wedfolio

We both Thank You once again and think back to that day and just smile. You made our beginning perfect and we know this will continue because of you. xoxoxox

B. Lee

Via Facebook

My daughter said she can't wait til you reconfirm her marriage at the 5 year level!!!! Rachel really enjoyed your ceremony and your easy going style!!! Keep up the great work you are doing Doc Anna

Kaya G.

Via Personal Thank You

Dr. Ward thank you for performing our wedding vow ceremony on such short notice. I will try to get my official review into that site you requested. Again, I appreciate all your efforts, and will see you soon for my sister's wedding.

Fatima J.

Via Wedfolio

Did Doctor Anna's quick I Do ceremony, and she made it wonderful!!! Quick and easy, because we only wanted a quick wedding. Thanks again for all your help.

Janet Peterson

Via Facebook

Hey doc Officiate My Wedding by Dr. Anna Mock-Ward just letting you know that Jamaica was a blast ... just like you said it would be!!!! Me and Bobby also met Barbi, and she told us to tell you hi and she hopes you will be coming back down soon!!!! OK, hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow, and again, thanks for all your help in our quick wedding ceremony.

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Cool Creek Golf Club Wedding Venue

Cool Creek Golf Club Wedding